How to improve the influence of static electricity on printer?

July 02, 2020

In the hot summer, the humidity in the air drops very obviously, which will cause serious static electricity. The ejected ink droplets change their direction before printing on the material, causing the nozzle to block. If this phenomenon is not solved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the printer will reach 6 ~ 10V, which is very likely to cause damage to the nozzle.


The improvement method is as follows:

1.The ground wire must be taken seriously. It is best to use the entire wire for the ground wire, without connectors, and good contact with the machine.

2. The humidity around the machine reaches 40 to 60% relative humidity, so you can use a humidifier. The standard for purchasing it is not to consume less than 4 liters of water per hour. If the ventilation is good, try to choose a humidifier with a water consumption of 6 liters per hour. In addition, some customers use spray guns and compressed air to make their own humidifiers.

3.Some customers are also recommended to use static brushes to solve static electricity. 

4.Try to keep the indoor temperature constant.
5.When ventilating air in the operating room, pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity.

6. Use ink with a higher viscosity, the antistatic effect will be better, the principle is that the larger the weight of the ink droplets, the smaller the effect of static electricity, but the effect of excessive viscosity on the piezoelectric crystal of the nozzle is still to be explored.

Remove static electricity on printer