How to choose the cleaning fluid and cleaning tips

July 17, 2020

The cleaning of the nozzle of the heat transfer paper printer is also divided into two categories: dye and pigment type. The cleaning method is to pour the cleaning liquid into the vessel. The height is preferably just immersed in the nozzle. Do not let the cleaning liquid contact the circuit board of the nozzle. Let the print head continue to soak in the cleaning liquid for more than a few hours (overnight is better), so that the cleaning liquid can play a role. When soaking, it is used in conjunction with the auxiliary spray cleaner of the heat transfer paper printer to enhance the cleaning effect. If you need to clean the sponge inside the ink cartridge, heat the cleaning liquid to 60°C, pour it into the sponge, let the cleaning liquid melt the ink that has clumped inside, use it with the nozzle cleaner, and then melt the ink that has been melted by the cleaning liquid.Pull it out or spin it dry with a centrifuge.


Note: The special cleaning liquid for the print head only has no effect in some cases, such as corrosion or precipitation caused by impurities in the inferior ink, and other causes of poor printing,without the scope of action. If you do not know the performance of the ink or use self-made ink, be sure to conduct an ink test before cleaning. Pour some of the ink you use in a small container and add cleaning solution to observe whether it dissolves completely. If not, please do not clean the nozzle.Replace the correct type of cleaning fluid.


Pay attention to two points when cleaning the nozzle of the heat transfer paper printer: On the one hand, when disassembling the nozzle of the heat transfer paper printer, the user must turn off the power and deal with the anti-static work (touch the conductor such as the water pipe during the disassembly to release the static electricity of the human body). If not, it is easy to break through the main board components, causing everything to be normal but no ink when printing. On the other hand, before installing the power of the nozzle, make sure that the nozzle is dry, otherwise it will easily cause the phenomenon of burning head.


Tips: Use water-based ink for the nozzle, use water-based cleaning solution; most of the thermal transfer inks on the market must use weak solvent-based cleaning solution; if the solvent-based ink uses water-based cleaning solution, it will cause more clogging of the nozzle.

Choose The Printhead Cleaning Fluid