How to choose a digital sublimation printer suitable for the company?

June 15, 2019

The textile market is becoming more and more personalized, and more and more companies are choosing digital sublimation printer for textile printing. Because of its rapid response speed, low proofing cost, and good consistency of results. What factors should companies consider when choosing the right digital textile printing machine? Here are some of them, you can refer to them.

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Choice of fabric form: Coil, cut pieces, sweaters, ready-to-wear, etc. all refer to the form of fabrics. Enterprises can choose digital textile printing machines according to the fabric form they make. Selection of printing precision: Conventionally, the finer fabrics such as silk and chiffon have higher precision requirements, and the coarser fabrics have lower precision requirements. It is also necessary to consider whether the selected textile printing machine can meet the customer's precision requirements, and the higher the precision, the slower the efficiency. In pursuit of high precision, do not forget whether the printing speed can reach the standard.


The choice of printing process: Digital printing mainly has two kinds of printing processes: direct-injection printing and thermal transfer printing. The direct-injection process fabric has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to hemp, silk, wool, cotton, polyester, nylon, modal, but needs sizing. The process of steaming, washing, etc., relatively large investment, direct injection textile printing machine in the speed of the fastest Kyocera nozzle (a nozzle of about 40,000 yuan), followed by Starlight 1024 (20,000) nozzles, It belongs to high-speed nozzles, and the common ones are: Ricoh G5, Seiko, Konica 1024i, etc. The thermal transfer precision is high, the investment is small, and there is no need to do before and after treatment, but there are not many fabrics to be applied. The main application is in chemical fiber fabrics, generally adopting Epson nozzles, and the speed is very slow, and it is suitable for printing samples. Selection of printing machine nozzle: The nozzle of textile printing machine plays a decisive role in printing precision, inkjet volume, printing speed and production cost. It is the most important component on textile printing machine. At present, the domestic mainstream textile printing machine nozzle has : Starlight, Kyocera,. The nozzles have to be replaced as supplies for several years, so the durability and replacement cost of the nozzles should also be considered.