How to avoid problem of ink mixed in sublimation printer?

November 30, 2021

Problem of ink mixed occurs in printing of sublimation fabric printer, which will greatly affect color and color difference of picture. How to avoid ink mixed?

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Problem of ink mixed is very common. Usually, phenomenon of ink mixed in a sublimation printer is that there are too many variegated colors, that is, there are many different colors mixed together, which is caused color mixed. Reasons for ink mixed of dye sublimation printer:


1. Damper of sublimation fabric printer is damaged
If damper is malfunctioning or broken, it may cause ink supply system to enter air, forming a negative pressure and causing ink to flow back. Then there will be other colors infiltrating.


2. Capping station and scraper of dye sublimation printer are damaged
Wiper blade of print head is not suitable for long-term use and maintenance. If wiper blade is not replaced in time, it will be easily aging, resulting in a decrease in ink absorption efficiency of capping station and phenomenon of variegation.


3. Impact of system
Ink supply system is a important bridge. In many cases, ink mixed occurs in inkjet process, so it is generally a problem with ink supply system. It is necessary to check whether related line pipes are abnormal, switches and other problems.

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