How to adjust height of small frame of Fedar sublimation printer?

February 19, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers will discuss with you how to adjust height of Fedar sublimation printer frame and under what circumstances need to adjust height.

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Main function of small frame is to carry print head of Fedar sublimation printer, and actual purpose of adjusting height of small frame is to adjust height of print heads. Under normal circumstances, it is better to control distance between sublimation printer head and printing platen at 2-3 mm. If height is unqualified, it needs to be adjusted. Way to adjust height is very simple. There is a screw on small frame of Fedar sublimation printer. You can adjust height of small frame by turning screw. Be sure to turn screw slightly when making fine adjustments. Do not let sublimation ink printer head touch press block to avoid damage to print head.


So what kind of situation needs to be adjusted during printing? If ink flying occurs during Fedar sublimation printer working, you need to lower print head height. Adjusting sublimation ink printer head height can handle ink flying phenomenon well. If print head scratches paper during printing, increase height of trolley frame.

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