How competitive is your digital printing machine?

June 11, 2019

The digital printing machine is a product of the digital age. It is a new type of printing equipment that combines mechanical and computer. This printing equipment is improved on the basis of traditional printing machine through computer information technology, eliminating the need for traditional plate making. The cumbersome steps of squeegee, that is to say, today's digital printing equipment can print a variety of colorful patterns in a few simple steps. In the past, it was a time of handcrafting (already eliminated). Now it is the digital age (the momentum is flourishing). The manual era wastes too much manpower, material resources and financial resources. The robot era has not yet arrived. Moreover, the robots needed in the intelligent age are not everyone. Can afford it.


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How do printer manufacturers achieve their current goal in the digital age by developing strategies? It can be said that from manpower to equipment to partners are very important to formulate strategies.


Human Resources: Do you have the human resources to achieve the stated goals? Are employees fully trained and capable of achieving their stated goals? Are there a lot of problems that have been overlooked? Is there a learning arrangement that provides the stated goals? Does the printing equipment company culture reward innovation and customer service? What actions can the company take to improve the delivery of projects and services to achieve better results?


Materials and equipment: Are materials and equipment suitable for the audience? In the service delivery process such as training service and customer tracking, have you applied technology that can give play to your own advantages?


Partnerships and alliances: Have you found a complement to improve your performance with industry analysis or strengths and weaknesses? Is there a logical partner or alliance that can save costs, increase the value of your service, and provide better service to customers who have purchased a printing machine? Does the printing machine equipment company have a policy of seeking partnership or alliance?