High temperature of fedar heat transfer printer affects printing effect

August 20, 2020

Does the high temperature of fedar heat transfer printer affect the printing effect? Everyone knows that fedar heat transfer printer is mainly used for printing patterns on some materials. Then the high temperature affects the printing effect. Is this really the case?


First of all, when fedar heat transfer printer is doing inkjet work, it usually chooses some low temperature operations, which is more conducive to our printing effect. Room temperature is generally maintained at 20-35°C.


When we use fedar heat transfer printer, we should also pay attention to the choice of storage location. Try to choose to place it in an environment with weak sunlight, especially at noon in summer, the temperature can even reach 40 degrees Celsius, which will affect its heat dissipation function. When using fedar heat transfer printer, ventilation should also be done well, so that the heat dissipation function of fedar heat transfer printer can be dealt with in time. If the indoor ventilation effect is not good, you can also use a fan to achieve the purpose of cooling down.


Generally, the heat dissipation effect of fedar heat transfer printer is not very good. We mostly use cold air to reduce the temperature in order to ensure the best state of fedar heat transfer printer during operation, but there are also drawbacks, which consume resources and affect environmental protection. Therefore, we should always pay attention to maintaining fedar heat transfer printer, which will increase the service life and make it more convenient to operate.

High Temperature of Fedar Heat Transfer Printer Affects Printing Effect