High-speed printing Machine - Fedar H1 silk transfer printer

January 03, 2020

In the social of pursuing speed, the printing speed of the printer has become a magic weapon for customers to develop in the market. So the faster the printing machine used, the higher the revenue, and the more they can seize a larger market share. We are deeply involved in the inkjet printing market. Based on a large number of market research, combined with the actual needs of customers, the new generation of high-end printer, Fedar H1, has a printing speed far exceeding the industry average, which can save time and costs to the maximum.

The Fedar H1 silk transfer printer is a high-speed printing machine specially developed for the high-end market. It can be equipped with 3 print heads.The printhead are arranged in a staggered manner to achieve fast printing. At the same time, the unique two-dimensional feathering function eliminates banding in printing and ensures high-quality printing.Fedar H1 high-end photo machine adopts industrial structure frame, it runs more stable. At present, the printing speed of Fedar H1 industrial printing machine can reach 118㎡/h. Various large orders and urgent orders can be easily handled.

In addition to fast printing speed, the Fedar H1 industrial printing machine also has many convenient operations, which greatly save the operator's time, realizes that one person can manage many machines. Fedar H1 is equipped with an automatic take-up system, which does not require manual rewinding. The secondary ink supply system ensures the long-term work continuity of the printer. It solves the daily printhead cleaning problem. Just click the cleaning button on the operation panel to realize automatic cleaning, which is not only easy to operate but also fast.

Fedar H1 silk transfer printer