High-quality printer can not do without these accessories

June 08, 2020

1.Beam. The good quality fedar printer adopts the linear guide rail splicing surface and the paper pressing frame assembly surface, all processed by high-precision CNC milling machine.

2.Paper pressing assembly. Super wear-resistant materials, external Soft and hard inside, large friction coefficient, ensure smooth and smooth paper feeding, effectively avoid deviation or indentation, and can be used for printing on various smooth materials.

3.Guide rail. The high-quality fedar printer adopts THK guide rail to ensure the stability of the car movement.

4.Platform. The printing platform of the high-quality fedar printing machine is processed by a professional high-precision CNC milling machine. The flatness error is less than 0.07mm.

5.Damper. The base of the high-quality damper is designed as a rectangle, which can be fully engaged with the nozzle of the printing machine to prevent the mine from moving during the carriage. The bottom is made of a rubber ring made of high-grade corrosion-resistant materials. ,long life.

6.Gears and motors. The high-quality fedar new-generation gear adopts integrated design, with high precision, good rigidity, strong stability and long life; the motor is the high-performance Leadshine professional brushless motor, known for its fast speed, high precision and long life, more suitable for long Time to print work.

7.Rack. The overall structure of the high-quality fedar printing machine has been improved, increasing the thickness of the body sheet metal, making it more stable.

8.Car. The high-quality small car can be adjusted by the knob according to the actual situation of the user, which is very suitable for printing media of different thicknesses.

9.Three-stage heating system. The high-quality three-segment heating system adopts an intelligent temperature control system, and the maximum temperature is maintained at 70°C. The high-quality heater realizes the front, middle and back three-stage heating, which is conducive to the full preheating and drying of the printing medium, thereby improving the ink absorption.

Printing Machine Accessories