High-end lining customization is a new market for Fedar digital printing

April 01, 2020

When it comes to digital printing, we know that the biggest feature can be summarized in three words, short,flat and quick. The choice of the market also allows digital printing to go to the low-end line, especially the development of fast fashion in Europe. Italy is the country with the fastest development of digital printing in the world. Here, the pattern will fall a week, the delivery period is limited to one to three days, and each digital printing machine is running at high speed. But the word fast brings not only the high-efficiency words to digital printing, but also gives digital printing cheap colors. Fast means imprecision and low quality. But is digital printing destined to be cheap? Are we no longer paying for "fast"? Is the development of digital printing limited to this? The personalized customization of digital printing has not yet been applied in many markets. All these are the starting points for the development of digital printing. However, for the time being, we seem to have no way out of these bottlenecks. Fortunately, the wisdom of the Chinese people is to discover. During the visit to the market, we saw a new application of digital printing-high-end lining customization market. It belongs to a small amount of customization, personalized design, one-piece order, and fast delivery, which is in line with digital printing All the advantages, and a leap in the fineness of workmanship, to get rid of the cheap sales of digital printing in the past, to provide new ideas for those who are engaged in digital printing. Fedar digital printing machine can help you march in the high-end customization market.

Fedar digital printing machine