For new operators: How to operate fedar sublimation printer?

October 12, 2020

Fedar sublimation printer is professional printing machine that can output beautiful and exquisite pictures through simple operations, and is widely used in t shirt,sportswear, home decoration and other fields. For novice operators, how can we correctly operate fedar sublimation printer to achieve exquisite printing?

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1.Turn on fedar sublimation printer, be sure to check wear and looseness of parts of fedar sublimation printer first, and fasten and replace it in time.


2. Turn on all power supplies of fedar sublimation printer to check whether system is normal, check ink usage, and add it to specified range in time. It is best to use original ink for fedar sublimation printer.


3. Install printing consumables, select appropriate size of printing consumables, install them on crossbar under fedar sublimation printer, gently feed consumables from feed port at back of fedar sublimation printer, and fedar sublimation printer will automatically roll in after sensing it.


4. Before fedar sublimation printer officially works, you must print test strip to confirm status of print head. If there is problem with print head, it must be calibrated or cleaned. For fedar sublimation printer, if print head is only slightly clogged or color cast, you can use ink pumping cleaning function that comes with printing machine to clean it, without removing print head.


5.After finishing printing, turn off power of fedar sublimation printer and turn off computer at the same time.


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