Fedar textile printers will bloom everywhere in 2020.

March 16, 2020

It is understood that many traditional printing factories are now stuck with workers who are difficult to find jobs and are considering digital printing. We all know the advantages of intelligent digital printing and automation of operation, but before that we were limited to small batches. Multi-batch is both an advantage and a disadvantage that traditional printing does not consider. Large batches have always been required by the market. It is also difficult to make traditional Printing gives up this advantage and transforms digital printing. However, the market situation is that most orders for insurance investment are favored by small orders, which are stable and there is no risk. Traditional manual printing has complicated technology, monotonous color, and is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It requires multiple skilled masters to operate the whole process, which is often one of the biggest costs of the printing plant. Now the printing plant workers are difficult to get to the job and the operation is complicated. It is not as intelligent as the digital printing machine. Therefore, many traditional printing factories are consulting our digital printing machines, which is an obvious market signal.

According to industry professionals, digital printing will grow by two to three times in 2020. This growth number is undoubtedly amazing. Now that the epidemic situation has gradually stabilized, the national economy is bound to rise in an all-round way. It is a good time for digital printing to show its skills! In 2020, turn the predicament into a power, digital printing people, rush with Fedar dye sublimation printer

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