Fedar sublimation printer output failure

September 21, 2020

As a fedar sublimation printer operator, it is necessary to learn some methods to deal with common failures. Here are some of fedar sublimation printer failures and solutions.

Fedar Sublimation Printer Output Failure
1. Incomplete printing


①Output media will automatically exit before printing picture. This problem may be that fedar sublimation printer driver has lost files, delete driver, and then reinstall it;

②It is also possible that printing file is infected with a virus, check virus;

③Furthermore, there is problem with motherboard of fedar sublimation printer; and during printing process, color changes, garbled characters, and non-printing may be caused by these types of failures.


2. Fedar sublimation printer printhead is not blocked, but there are slight streaks or blur on image


The horizontal bar of paper feed key is placed at "0" or "+";fedar sublimation printer head is calibrated;software is exchanged.

3. There are color casts or scratches in the output


①On the one hand, there is nozzle missing, because ink cartridge can not eject ink or fedar sublimation printer head is blocked

②On the other hand, there is not nozzle missing but color cast, you can adjust color in settings or change media, and you can also increase resolution to adjust.

4. Replace with new ink cartridge, and indicator lights on fedar sublimation printer will all flash


It may be that motherboard is burned out. You can wipe motherboard with alcohol, or it may be that interface plugs are not properly inserted. Reinstall the plugs.

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