Fedar sublimation printer maintenance in winter

March 19, 2021

In cold winter, many customers reported frequent printing problems with Fedar sublimation printer, ink flying phenomenon, or nozzle clogging. This is related to humidity and temperature in winter. Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer offers a winter sublimation printer maintenance.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Adjust temperature and humidity of working environment of Fedar sublimation printer.

Working environment temperature of Fedar sublimation printer is required to be controlled at 18-30℃, and humidity is maintained at 40%-60%. You can put a thermometer and hygrometer in working environment and record every day.


2. Maintain Fedar sublimation printer in time according to operation in manual

Dry and cold weather in winter will increase friction of trolley on guide rail, which will weaken lubricating effect of lubricating oil. Therefore, check guide rail and add lubricating oil in time; dry temperature in winter is prone to static electricity, so power supply of Fedar sublimation printer must be properly grounded , Use a three-phase power plug.


3.Use ink correctly

Low temperature in winter has greatest impact on ink. The lower temperature, the worse fluidity of ink. If possible, try to use ink that is suitable for winter use, so keep temperature of working environment at 20-30°C as much as possible. In addition, pay attention to storage environment of ink. If temperature of storage environment is low, viscosity of ink will increase and fluidity will decrease, which may damage print head of sublimation textile printer and affect quality of printing.

Sublimation Textile Printer

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