Fedar sublimation printer head storage

October 07, 2020

There are certain skills in storage of printer head of fedar sublimation printer. There may be many users who are not clear about it. They only know to put it when they are used up, but do not know how to save it. If this continues, it is easy to damage printer head. What are tips for storing printer head of fedar sublimation printer?
Fedar Sublimation Printer Head Storage
Generally, following points should be paid attention to when storing printer head of fedar sublimation printer:


1. If inkjet work is in off-season or workload is not large,fedar sublimation printer may not be used for a few days, which will greatly affect performance of fedar sublimation printer. In order to avoid this situation, everyone should place print head horizontally to prevent ink from overflowing, and then wipe it with alcohol, or use an ink-absorbing device to prevent aging of print head.

2. If fedar sublimation printer is used frequently, we only need to spray some alcohol on print head of fedar sublimation printer, and then absorb it with ink.

3.The last thing we need to remind everyone is that we must clean working environment of fedar sublimation printer at ordinary times to prevent dust and other impurities from interfering with print head.

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