Fedar sublimation printer head maintenance method

January 11, 2021

Print head is core component of Fedar sublimation printer, not only expensive, but also vulnerable to damage. Therefore, if you want a long service life of Fedar sublimation printer head, you must know these maintenance methods.

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Fedar sublimation printer’s ink


1. Don't add wrong ink: different types of ink products have different compositions, mixing them together will change color and quality of ink, and cause precipitation to block Fedar sublimation printer head.


2. Do not use inferior ink: Inferior ink raw materials are of poor quality, and color and quality are not good enough, which will affect printing effect and block Fedar sublimation printer head.


3.It is recommended to use original ink: high-quality ink of Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer has good compatibility with Fedar sublimation printer, which can not only protect print head of Fedar sublimation printer, but also print a clearer and perfect image.


Use specifications of Fedar sublimation printer head


1. Standard calibration print head of Fedar sublimation printer: when using external force to replace or fine-tune print head, brute force should not be used, and standard operation should be carried out in accordance with instructions.


2. Before printing out, check whether there is any debris on printing platform of Fedar sublimation printer, and be careful not to scratch print head.


3. Print head should be protected against static electricity, and ground wire must be connected before starting up.


4. Before shutting down, make sure that Fedar sublimation printer heads are closely attached to capping station and are completely airtight. This can effectively keep print heads moist and prevent print heads from clogging.


5.When Fedar sublimation printer is maintained, pay attention to power off. When power is not turned off, installing or removing circuit at will will cause great damage to print head.

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