Fedar sublimation printer error

September 17, 2020

Fedar sublimation printer is a very sophisticated machine, and it sometimes reports errors during use. So what do these error codes mean? How to solve it?


1. Fedar sublimation printer appears "internalerror, shut down; carriage axisfailure" message and cannot continue to work.


● Some parts of fedar sublimation printer are dirty/not clean, which causes carriage to be unsmooth when operating.
● Some parts of fedar sublimation printer are damaged or worn out, causing it to fail to operate.
● Fedar sublimation printer long-term operate under low temperature will increase resistance caused by copper sleeve and plastic conveyor chain.


● Clean the following parts of fedar sublimation printer:
A. Sliding and rotating optical axis
B. Copper sleeve
C.Top and bottom of encoder strip


2. Fedar sublimation printer cannot detect paper or error "PAPERSENSORERROOR" appears


● Paper tester of fedar sublimation printer is not clean/damaged.
● Coating of pressure plate near the workbench is damaged and loses its function.
● Paper sensor of fedar sublimation printer is damaged.
● Near white line corresponds to encoder cut (in this case, move the edge of the paper to the white line to detect it).


●Clean paper sensor of fedar sublimation printer.
● Check black coating on the base. If the coating peels off, try filling it with black oil paint.

Fedar Sublimation Printer Error