Fedar sublimation printer can get investment in return

March 02, 2020

The additional investment in digital inkjet printing also provides many valuable advantages for textile printing machines, helping to save costs or create new revenue.
1. Reduce labor costs
Traditional printing machines must be handled by several operators, as many manual tasks in the printing process must be performed by the operators. Therefore, traditional printing involves high labor costs. However, digital inkjet printers are almost completely automated, which means that only one or two operators are required to operate the machine.
If you're running multiple machines, you'll drop to the point where you need less than one operator per machine, because operators can run multiple machines simultaneously. Therefore, the transition to digital inkjet printing can help save labor costs in operating printing machines.
2.No screen production cost
In digital inkjet printing, the pattern is directly printed on the fabric. No circular net is required. This not only saves precious printing machine screen time, but also saves the additional cost of the screen itself and screen printing cost.
3. Longer  lifespan printhead
The Fedar sublimation printer use its own EPS3200 / 4720 print head, which is used on water-based inks, the effect is very good, and the life of the print head is greatly extended

4. Shorter turnaround time
With digital inkjet printing, factories can increase printer productivity and reduce turnaround time. This allows the printing machine to ensure faster delivery and meet customer needs, while also taking on more printing work.

5. Print printed fabrics instead of printed fabrics
Due to the long turnaround time of traditional printing, fashion brands need to estimate the number of meters of printed fabrics they sell and use this as a basis for printing.
However, because digital inkjet printing speeds up the printing process, when a certain type of clothing is selling very well, fashion brands can print in small batches and repeat orders. Under ideal circumstances, using digital inkjet printing, there will no longer be such things as "discount sales" in the future, because fashion brands can quickly obtain the required amount of printed fabric.
6.Reduce ink consumption
Although digital printing inks are more expensive than traditional printing inks, the digital printing process-especially the Fdear machine uses unique technology to effectively reduce ink consumption.

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