Fedar sublimation printer application-shading curtain customization

December 02, 2020

Modern people pay more and more attention to the living environment, and curtains are an indispensable product for every household. Continuously perfected and mature Fedar sublimation printer can make personalized shade curtains according to color and style of indoor walls, floors, and furnishings, instantly improving home atmosphere!

Fedar Curtain Sublimation Printer

So, what are benefits of using Fedar sublimation printer to make sunshade curtains?


1. Compatibility. At present, roller blinds that need printing are basically fabrics with special coatings on surface, and printing various fabrics is specialty of Fedar sublimation printer. As long as thickness is appropriate and coating is correct, Fedar sublimation printer can easily carry out work.


2. Style. Customers can provide their favorite pictures, which can be wedding photos, landscape pictures, or inspirational quotes. Fedar sublimation printer will output perfectly according to preset parameters, and truly realize private customization!


3. Color. At present, Fedar sublimation printer can achieve six-color high-quality output, with high color saturation, bright colors, natural transitions, and can express image of picture well without color difference.


4. Clarity. Epson 3200 print head, intelligent ink droplet control system accurately grasps flying direction to ensure high-precision graphic output, no matter if picture is adjusted larger or smaller, picture is still clear, so you don’t have to worry at all picture is blurred.


5.Environmental protection and weather resistance. Fedar sublimation printer uses environmentally friendly ink, which is green and harmless, has no pungent odor, is waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, has high color fastness, and does not fade after long-term use.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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