Fedar subliamtion printer flying car failure

November 02, 2020

It is inevitable that Fedar subliamtion printer will malfunction during printing. How to solve problem? Today we talk about what to do if there is a flying car during use of Fedar subliamtion printer?
Fedar Subliamtion Printer Flying Car Failure
During work of Fedar subliamtion printer,car suddenly ran to side and did not move, or just turned on, car hits side of track and it does not move, which is what we call flying car failure. If flying car occurs,car or Fedar subliamtion printer head may be damaged. One reason may be caused by encoder sensor, and the other reason may be a problem with driver board.


First, check whether encoder sensor of fedar sublimation printer is broken. If encoder strip cannot be detected normally,encoder sensor can be replaced.

Secondly, check whether link line of servo motor of fedar sublimation printer car is normal. If link is normal, we will check drive board and main board. If there is a short circuit or burned out, it is recommended to replace main board.

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