Fedar printer ink operation and precautions

April 13, 2020

Adding ink to fedar printer is an indispensable operation for us, and it is also one of the common tasks for daily maintenance of the printer. The addition of ink and the replacement and installation of consumables are all operations that are often encountered by printer operators.
Choosing the original ink can make your printer print the perfect picture. However, in the use and maintenance of the fedar printer, how to operate and pay attention to the ink addition of it?
1. Choose original ink from printer company and refuse to use inferior brand ink;
2. Correctly identify the type of ink used in the printer machine, such as indoor water-based ink or outdoor eco solvent ink. If it is UV-curing ink, please pay attention to the light-protected preservation of the ink.
3. Confirm the logo and add each color ink correctly, do not add the wrong color and mixed ink.
4. When adding ink to the ink cartridge or the continuous ink supply system, you can use the ink injection funnel or related auxiliary ink refilling tool to avoid accidentally spilling ink when directly adding ink.
5. Pay attention to the ink cartridge ink capacity of fedar printer during the printing. If the ink volume is too low, it will cause the printhead to print empty. Add ink to the printer in time;If the amount of ink in the ink cartridge is too high, it is easy to cause excessive pressure in the printhead, resulting in dripping or overload of the nozzle current. The ink in the ink cartridge generally maintains 2/3 of the ink cartridge.

Ink Operation and Addition