Fedar printer accessories: intelligent drying system

April 27, 2020

The dryer of the fedar silk printer is a device that can generate high temperature or wind power. Its function is to quickly dry the ink of the printed screenbefore entering the taking up system, so as to avoid the damage to the picture quality caused by sticking together when the printing ink is wet.

Fedar Intelligent Drying System is a wind-heat integrated drying system. Users can choose suitable drying methods according to different printing media and weather conditions.

Fedar Intelligent Drying System
The function of fedar intelligent dryer
Wind drying: use the cold air blown by the fan to dry the printed picture. The wind power can be adjusted by controlling the "fan speed" on the button.
Thermal drying: using the heating tube and drying the picture at high temperature.The temperature can be increased or decreased by "heating setting" on the control key.

Fedar Silk Printer
The biggest characteristic of the fedar intelligent dryer is that it can be turned on and off automatically in synchronization with printing. The intelligent dryer selects the automatic mode, and when the fedar silk printer starts to work, the dryer will automatically start. After the fedar printer stops working, the dryer will automatically shut down.

Drying materials are extensive.
1. Waterbased printing materials: such as photo cloth, PP, gum, photographic paper, light film, etc.
2. Eco- solvent printing materials: such as car stickers, lamp cloth, leather, wallpaper, etc.
3. Sublimation printing materials: such as thermal transfer paper, chemical fiber fabrics, etc.
When the weather is wet and rainy, the temperature is too low, the color is thick, and the order is urgent, the output picture cannot be dried, and the winding is easy to cause the problem of picture adhesion. It is very important to turn on the intelligent dryer at this time. The intelligent dryer can quickly dry the picture, shorten the time required for picture drying and improve the working efficiency of the printer.