Fedar inkjet t shirt printer rubbing paper fault

August 27, 2020

Many users will encounter paper rubbing paper faults when printing on fedar inkjet t shirt printer. Today we will talk about the factors that can cause paper rubbing faults in order to facilitate troubleshooting and resolution in the future printing process.


The paper rubbing failure of fedar inkjet t shirt printer is caused by the following aspects:


1.The distance between fedar inkjet t shirt printer head and the printing media is too small or the media is too thick

The height between the two is generally the height of a coin. To put it simply, when the printing media is thicker, the trolley frame and printer head should be adjusted higher to ensure smooth paper feeding.


2. The pressure roller failure

The most obvious feature of the paper rubbing problem caused by this factor is that the printing media skews due to uneven force when printing images.

Solution: Check whether the paper pressing roller on the platform rotates normally. If it does not rotate, adjust or replace it in time.

Fedar inkjet t shirt printer adopts the fluorine rubber paper roller imported from the United States to prevent static electricity from flying and ink. At the same time, it can effectively evenly print the pressure between media and the paper roller to make the print output better.


3.The paper pressing sheet lifts up

The paper pressing sheet is responsible for pressing the printing media, so once it is bent and warped, it will cause the pressing paper to not fit and cause the paper rubbing failure. Encounter this kind of problem, you need to directly replace the new paper platen.


4. The guide rail is not flat

Guide rail is the track on which the small carriage runs. If the guide rail has problems such as bending or gaps, the paper feeding operation will also stop and skip stitches, which will cause paper rubbing. If the guide rail is not flat, you need to replace the new guide rail to ensure that the carriage runs smoothly and avoid paper rubbing.

Fedar inkjet t shirt printer adopts THK silent linear guide imported from Japan, which is not only quiet and noiseless, but also has low wear and longer service life.


5. Abnormal suction system causes printing consumables not to fit

To detect the abnormality of the suction system, firstly check whether the small holes on the suction platform are blocked, and secondly check whether the suction system is malfunctioning. Eliminating these two factors one by one can solve the problem of rubbing paper due to abnormal suction.


6.Problems with the printing material

The first is that the printing media are wrinkled or bulged, which can easily cause the printing to rub the paper, so before printing, you must ensure that the printing media is flat; second, the surface of the printing media has a large uneven surface, and the paper rubs, especially for performance The personalized customization required by the three-dimensional relief picture requires the height of printer head to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the consumables.


7. Uneven damping at both ends of the feeder

The paper feeder is designed to store the printing media in a fixed manner. This part is required for both feeding and rewinding of fedar inkjet t shirt printer. If the damping force on both ends is uneven, it is very easy to cause one end to discharge (receive) paper quickly and one end slow. As a result, the printing media on the printing platform is inclined left and right, causing paper rubbing. To solve this problem, only need to re-adjust the damping at both ends to make the damping force uniform.


Through the above seven inspections, the problem of printing rubbing paper on fedar inkjet t shirt printer can basically be checked and solved. However, it should be noted that once the rubbing problem occurs, the printing work must be suspended and repaired in time, and the printing cannot be indulged to avoid poor printing results or damage to parts.

Fedar Inkjet T Shirt Printer Rubbing Paper Fault