Fedar digital printing machine is your best choice

July 10, 2020

With the advancement and development of technology, digital printing machine, as a new type of printing and dyeing equipment in the printing industry, has unparalleled advantages in reducing costs, increasing production capacity, and environmental protection. It is a magic weapon for enterprises in the era of low profit.


With the substantial increase in digital printing output and the rapid development of technology, digital printing has entered the growth phase and is increasingly receiving market attention. As a well-known digital printing machine brand, Fedar Textile Printing has spared no effort to reform and innovate digital printing technology for several years, and constantly develop new printing products to lead the industry's future fashion.


The latest 8 head digital printing machine developed by Fedar Textile Printing is remarkable from product performance to product appearance. It can be matched with 8 Epson3200 industrial printheads (also known as 4720 printheads), using advanced TFP thin film piezoelectric technology, precise ink control, stable output; minimum 2.5PL variable ink drops, the picture color transition is more natural, the effect is more perfect . The maximum printing speed is 260㎡/h, far exceeding the average level of the same type of products in the industry, and can easily deal with large orders and urgent orders.


The fedar 8-head digital printing machine adopts the on-demand inkjet method for inkjet printing. The ink is fully applied in the whole process to reduce the waste of ink and save costs. At the same time, the inks used in the digital printing machine are environmentally friendly inks that are non-polluting, low energy consumption, and high environmental protection, which is not harmful to the environment and human bodies.


The fedar digital printing machine has diversified product configurations and rich application solutions, which can meet the needs of industries such as clothing, home furnishing and personalized customization. Welcome everyone to consult.