Factors of damage to Fedar sublimation printer head

February 24, 2021

Print head of Fedar sublimation printer is very easy to be damaged after being used for a long time. Here are some main reasons for damage of print head of sublimation printer.

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1. There is air in pipe of Fedar sublimation printer. Often, contact point between pipe and sublimation printer head is loose or print head leaks, causing ink to flow back to left ink supply tank, causing printer head to be damaged due to empty burning.

2. Electrostatic interference. A working environment that is too dry can generate a lot of static electricity and damage Fedar sublimation printer head circuit; or when printing materials are used, a lot of static electricity will also be generated, which can damage print head or cause impurities to accumulate and cause print head to block.

3. External voltage. External voltage is too high or unstable, which has a great impact on sublimation textile printer head, which may cause Fedar sublimation printer to burn nozzle or not recognize nozzle.

4. Do not pay attention to operation and maintenance. For Epson print heads, direct cause of its damage is physical damage, that is, due to curling of media such as paper, metal orifice at bottom of print head is scratched during printing process, resulting in damage to nozzle orifice and failure to print normally.


5. Ink quality. Ink contains a variety of chemical components, often due to factors such as imperfect filtering, excessively high viscosity, and insufficient moisturizing fluid, causing nozzle to malfunction.

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