Factors affecting the printing speed of printer

April 08, 2020

In recent years, outdoor inkjet advertising has become one of the main forms of display, and it is also the most affordable advertising display among the many forms of outdoor advertising. In order to complete customer orders better and faster, the printing speed is definitely one of the important factors for your purchase a printer. So what are the factors that affect the printing speed?

1.the data transmission speed, this speed depends on the interface mode, the current printing machine can generally use the USB interface, if it can support the USB3.0 interface, it will greatly increase the transmission speed.
2.the data processing speed of the advertising printer machine and the computer processing speed, the pictures printed are generally larger, which requires faster data processing speed, and the higher the computer configuration, the better the processing speed. The advertising box printer can also increase the processing speed of the hardware to increase the printing speed.
3.the cache size, if there is a larger cache will also affect the printing speed, so you need to clear the cache regularly.
4. number of printheads. For machines with the same printhead, the print speed of the double printhead must be faster than the single printhead.

Factors affecting the printing speed