FD65-2 heat transfer printer, the first choice for DIY entrepreneurship

May 31, 2021

Under the 2020 epidemic, many people have realized the importance of sideline and joined the army of stalls. The state has also formulated a policy of "five permits and one persistence" for the stall economy, giving the “floor stall economy” and practitioners legal status.


With the full recovery of the economy in 2021, the related policies for street stalls will be more reasonable and comprehensive. The hot summer is coming, DIY clothing will be a popular choice for entrepreneurship, and it is also a beautiful landscape on the ground. T-shirts with different patterns, or elegant and sweet skirts, are all summer necessities.

In addition to selling finished products, you can also DIY custom clothing on site. Wearing clothes printed with characters and landscapes that are of great significance to you or you like, you must be in a beautiful mood every day.

Heat Transfer Printer


When it comes to DIY customization, a heat transfer printer is absolutely indispensable. The FD65-2 heat transfer printer produced by Fedar has simple operation, good printing effect and fast speed. It is definitely the first choice for entrepreneurs. So, how does the heat transfer printer for shirts work?
Design pattern-print pattern-powder shaker for powder spraying and drying-hot stamping of the finished product, it's that simple.

Heat Transfer Printer For Shirts

FD65-2 heat transfer printer has four advantages.
1. The integrated high-power motor ensures smoother movement of the trolley under the premise of increased speed.
2. Free engraving, free plate hollowing, offset heat transfer printing, simple and easy to use water-based paint.
3. The heat transfer printer adopts Epson I3200-A1 printhead, which is cost-effective, 6pass 10㎡/h, 8pass 8㎡/h.
4. The cost of high-quality heat transfer is only 5 yuan per piece, which can be done in one go and high efficiency.


Moreover, the machine looks small and exquisite, but it is fully functional!


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Heat Transfer Printer