FD5228E Eight-printhead Digital Printing Machine

June 02, 2021

The first quarter of 2021 has ended, and the sales data of the home textile industry has risen sharply compared with last year.

Fedar Digital Printing Machine

According to Amoy data, in January-March 2021, the sales of bedding products increased by 42% year-on-year compared with January-March 2019. Many consumers pay more attention to personalized customization and quality. Benefiting from the good development momentum of the home textile industry, the great hero behind it, the digital printing machine, also enjoyed considerable sales in the first quarter.


This week, the editor recommends a Fedar digital printing machine-FD5228E, which was popular in the textile printer market in the first quarter.


FD5228E digita printing machine is equipped with eight genuine Epson I3200-A1 print heads. The printing speed can reach 406㎡/h with 1 pass. Thanks to Epson's unique VSDT (Variable Ink Drop Technology), its output accuracy can reach 3200DPI, which can be reduced. The picture is grainy, showing more picture details, smoother color transitions and higher saturation.

Fedar Digital Printing Machine

In addition to the printhead, as the king of the eight-head machine, other configurations are also top-notch.

1. Ink stack
Fully enclosed ink stack, tighter airtight, long-lasting moisturizing, automatic cleaning and moisturizing functions, printing is cleaner and simpler.

2. Ink cartridge
4.5L large-capacity ink cartridges, matched with 4 500ml secondary float buffer ink cartridges; automatic alarm for main ink cartridge liquid level detection.

3. Motor
Raison brushless integrated motor, high-precision linear decoding, higher output accuracy.

4.Air expansion shaft rewinding and unwinding system
The retracting and unwinding system can retract 1,000 meters of paper, and has the characteristics of large load-bearing weight, long service life, uniform loading and unwinding of paper, and short operation time for inflation and deflation. The unique swing lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the rewinding is smooth and firm.

5. Rails
Japan's THK silent linear double guide rail, stable movement, longer life, high-speed movement can effectively reduce the resistance and noise in the operation of the ink cart.


The printing width of this digital printing machine can reach 2.2 meters, which greatly increases the printing output. It is definitely an order tool in the field of home textiles! If you want to know more details about this machine, you can call Fedar official website:


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Fedar Digital Printing Machine