Does the damper of the dress printer need to be cleaned?

July 29, 2020

The damper of the dress printer is one of the more important parts. It controls the ink absorption link. If there is a problem with the damper, there will be a problem of not being able to absorb ink, and printing will not be possible. Is it necessary to clean the damper if it is dirty? Actually it is not necessary.


Although the damper is important, it is also one of the frequently replaced parts, and the price is relatively cheap. Even if there is no problem during use, it needs to be replaced for one year. If it is found to be dirty or other problems that affect normal use, it should be directly replaced,and there is no need to clean, because it will not be completely clean if it is cleaned by itself, and the cleaning process will also cause damage to other surrounding parts. In the long run, it will be very detrimental to the print head. If it saves the damper cost but the print head is damaged, the gain is not worth the loss.


Therefore, important and fragile parts such as damper should be replaced with new ones instead of cleaning and repairing. It is very necessary to keep some cheap and easy to consume parts.

Does the Damper Need to be Cleaned