Do you really understand the automatic ink cleaning function?

April 15, 2020

The working principle of the automatic ink cleaning function: the digital printing machine draws the ink through the printhead through the ink pump in the capping station to achieve the purpose of cleaning and moisturizing.

Automatic Ink Cleaning Function

The digital printing machine sprays ink on the printing media through the printhead to draw various patterns and pictures to complete the printing process. After the printing work, some residual ink will inevitably remain on the printhead; once the printhead and the cap are not tightly sealed, it is easy to cause the ink to dry up on the printhead, which will slightly block the nozzle. The automatic cleaning function in the digital printhead printing machine is to deal with the slight clogging of the printhead. At this time, it is only necessary to use automatic ink cleaning function before printing out, so as to solve the problem of nozzle clogging.

Fedar Digital Printhead Printing Machine

If there is no automatic ink cleaning function, once the nozzle is blocked, it can only be cleaned manually. There are two ways of manual cleaning: one is manual ink cleaning, which will make a mess near the capping station, and subsequent cleaning will be strenuous. In addition, if the manual ink extraction is insufficient, it is difficult to flush the nozzle clogging. Another way is to remove the nozzle for cleaning, which is more troublesome. It involves the installation and calibration of the printhead, which requires professional operation.
How do I know if the printhead is slightly blocked? Print the test strip first after booting. If the test strip has sporadic disconnection problems, it can be judged that the nozzle is slightly blocked. At this time, the automatic ink cleaning function is used, and the cleaning effect is still very good. The effects are as follows:

Printhead Cleaning and Moisturizing Device

There are thousands of nozzle in a printhead, and the nozzle are very small.  In the case of Epson EPS3200 nozzle (also known as 4720 nozzle), the printhead has 3200 nozzle, which can realize the printing of 2.5PL with the smallest ink droplets (Note: PL means picoliter, capacity measurement unit, equivalent to "10 minus 15 times "Cubic meters, or 1000 cubic micrometers). From this, you can know how small the nozzle is. The precipitation in the ink and the dust in the air may cause a slight clogging of the printhead, so it is very important and necessary for the digital printing machine to have automatic ink cleaning function.

Fedar Digital Printhead Printing Machine