Do you know how much ink your digital printing machine consumes?

June 22, 2021

How many milliliters of ink does the piezoelectric digital printing machine consume per square meter?

Digital Printing Machine

I believe this problem is a problem that many friends want to understand. In fact, this problem is very abstract and does not have a uniform value. Therefore, the amount of ink consumed per square meter of the inkjet printer is affected by many factors. We can detail it below. Understand.


In fact, the amount of ink consumed per square meter of a piezoelectric digital printing machine is related to the coverage of the color and the print quality you choose. For example, if there are two sets of the same picture in A4 format, one is 100 % Color coverage, one is 10% color coverage, the amount of ink consumed by the two is definitely different; the same picture, if you use 1440DPI and 720DPI to print separately, the amount of ink consumed is also different , The higher the printing accuracy, the higher the amount of ink consumed.

Digital Printing Machine

Under normal circumstances, if the color coverage is 80%, it takes about 12 milliliters to print one square meter.


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