Do you know anything about digital printing machines?

June 23, 2020

Digital Printing is to input the pattern pattern into the computer through digital form, through the CAD editing processing of the computer printing color separation and tracing system, and then the micro-piezoelectric ink jet nozzle is controlled by the computer to spray the special dye directly onto the textile, to form the desired pattern, and then according to the different fabric composition to do different post-processing, such as drying solid color processing. Advantages of this type of printing: As the printing process does not need water resources, will not cause pollution to the environment.
With the development of science and technology, printing machinery is becoming more and more advanced and more humanized. However, even the best machines have to be operated and maintained by hand. Will the printers operate and will they be well debugged and maintained, will directly determine the customer product printing quality and printing machine life.
Our products introduce gigabit data transmission terminal to meet the requirements of high-resolution file transmission, to ensure the stability of transmission. High-quality core brand accessories, using Japan imported thk guide rail, equipped with a stable laser radar printing system to ensure a good output. The precision machining of the dislocated car bottom plate makes the adjustment of the machine position more convenient for the operator. In the printing process, if there is a cottonwood or paper occupied, printing will immediately stop, to ensure the safety of the head. With automatic cleaning function, make maintenance more convenient.

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