Don't blindly change the print head

April 20, 2020

When we are using the fedar printer, if there is a problem with the print head, don't think about replacing the print head first, check it well, thoroughly determine whether the print head is burnt, and don't replace the print head blindly. In fact, when the fedar printer is working, it encounters the situation that the nozzle cannot eject ink. It may not be that the print head is burned out. There are many factors that may cause the nozzle to fail to eject ink. Only a simple inspection is required to determine the print head's actual situation, there is no need to replace the print head at will, wasting funds.
First of all, when there is no ink out of a nozzle, first remove the print head. Be careful when removing the print head. Do not scratch the surface of it. Otherwise, the print head will be scratched even if it is not damaged. After removing the print head, you can use a paper or towel without debris to lightly dip it on the surface of the print head to see if there is any ink bleeding.If there is no ink bleed, it means the print head is blocked internally, just clean it again. It may also be caused by a problem with the encoder strip or the damaged of the car. At this time, it is only necessary to determine the cause and normal repair or replacement of the accessories.
If none of the above methods can eliminate the print head problem, we can first check the other accessories of fedar printer. Check whether the ink in the ink cartridge is insufficient and whether the ink tube is leaking or damaged;Or, check whether the damper is damaged. If there is no problem with the accessories of the fedar printer, users can first clean the print head multiple times, and then adjust the printing accuracy mode to 6PASS or above, and then print the test to see if it can print normally. If it can print normally, it means that some of the nozzles are damaged, but it can be used normally when printing in high-precision mode. If it still can not print normally, it means that the nozzles of a color are all burned out and can no longer be used. It needs to be replaced.

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