Details to pay attention to when Fedar DTF printer has been disabled for a long time

May 18, 2021

During holiday, DTF printing machine will be idle for a period of time. After holiday is over, what should you pay attention to when you turn on DTF printer for first time? Fedar DTF printer manufacturer will explain to you.

DTF Printing Machine

1.Before turning on Fedar DTF printer, check whether there is any dust on DTF printing machine. Remove dust first, and wipe encoder strip with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.


2.After doing cleaning work, check whether ground wire is properly connected, and then you can turn on DTF printing machine normally. Do not print images immediately after turning it on. You need to clean print head first and check status of print head of DTF printing machine. During a long period of inactivity, there may be air in nozzle, drawing ink to remove air, and leaving print head in good condition before normal printing. In process of drawing ink, pay attention to whether waste ink pipe is blocked. Long-term idle may cause waste ink pipe to be blocked, so check waste ink pipe to ensure that waste ink can be discharged normally.


3.After Fedar DTF printer is turned on and running, pay attention to observe whether trolley is running smoothly. Lubricating oil on rails may be dry if DTF printing machine is idle for a long time. If necessary, apply some lubricating oil on rails appropriately.

Fedar DTF Printer

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