Correct use method of cap of printer

June 30, 2020

The cap is one of the commonly used accessories of fedar textile printing machine, and its main function is to eliminate the air in the printhead and the ink tube to ensure that the ink tube is smooth. The structure is very simple, but there are some skills and methods when using it. If it is not used properly, it is easy to cause damage to the printhead.


1.Don't pull out the cap immediately after pulling out, otherwise it will cause the pressure of the tube to be unbalanced, which will cause nozzle missing. When there is no pumping force, you must remember to put the syringe for more than 10 seconds before removing it, so that the printhead tube pressure is balanced.


2.Don't let go when absorbing ink with cap. If you accidentally get the ink in the cap into the printhea, if the ink in the syringe is the same as the ink in the nozzle, it won't hurt. If several caps are used for many printheads, this will cause the ink to be pumped back and mixed colors.


The above two points are what you should pay attention to when using the textile printer cap. I hope it can help everyone.

Correct use method of cap of printer