Correct operation of printer paper feeding system

May 12, 2020

Many problems will occur during the use of the fedar sublimation printing machine. Part of it is due to the incorrect operation. Let's talk about the correct operation steps of the printer's paper feeding system.


In the printing work of the fedar sublimation printer, due to the incorrect operation of the paper feeding system, it will bring some unnecessary printing failures. For example, when the fedar printer is printing, sometimes the print media is not fed smoothly, the paper is wrinkled, printed images are skewed, lines are not straight, paper jams, scraping nozzles, ink smearing, and sticky paper,etc.These small faults will not only affect the efficiency of the fedar sublimation printing machine, but also cause waste of printing media,ink and other consumables, increase production costs, and even scratch the print head, causing the print head mirror surface or nozzle scratches to occur.


First of all, when installing printing media, the operator selects printing media of appropriate size, installs on the cross bar under the fedar printing machine, and gently feeds the media into the feed port on the back of the printer to ensure that the printing media are properly placed. If it is manual paper taking-up, it is best to shake left and right to keep the printing media tightly.If the tension of the pressure roller is uneven, the force is too strong, or the pressure roller fails, which will cause related printing failures.


Next is the operation of the printing platform. If the fan of the paper suction platform fails and cannot absorb the paper, the print media cannot be perfectly attached to the print platform. During printing, the print media is easily deviated, causing the paper machine to wrinkle.


The last is the failure of the paper feeding system caused by paper media quality, such as the unqualified printing paper media, the dampness of the printing media, etc., causing wrinkling of the paper.


Therefore, the correct operation of the printere paper feed system should be paid attention to. Before printing, the user should first check whether these aspects are normal to prevent the paper machine from wrinkling, improve work efficiency, and avoid waste of consumables.

Correct Operation of Printer Paper Feeding System