Correct maintenance of Fedar DTF printer in rainy season

April 21, 2021

High humidity in working environment of digital DTF printer can easily cause condensation of water mist in working environment, which can easily cause a group of nozzles can not inkjet ink during printing, which brings a lot of troubles to users. Next, Fedar DTF printer will share with you some maintenance tips to help your digital fabric printer pass rainy season easily.

Fedar DTF Printer

1. Before turning on Fedar DTF printer every day, be sure to use a hair dryer to blow main board, trolley board, and sockets of data cable at both ends for 5-10 minutes to keep board dry, thereby reducing impact of moisture, and avoiding phenomenon such as ink ejection occurs.


2. Pay attention to indoor rain and moisture. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier in working place of Fedar DTF printer, or turn on dehumidification mode of air conditioner, or place some dehumidifiers appropriately to assist drying.


3. Humid air will result in slow drying of output screen of Fedar DTF printer. It is recommended that users turn on printing heating function of digital DTF printer or turn on external dryer when working. Appropriately slowing down printing speed will also help screen dry.


4. Close doors and windows sooner or later to prevent moisture and water vapor from entering room. You can wait until weather turns clear before opening doors and windows for ventilation.


5.Pay attention to storage method of printing media. Printing media is easy to absorb moisture and get damp. It is easy to cause ink to spilt during printing and affect printing effect. Therefore, printing materials should be returned to original packaging after each use, and try not to touch ground and walls.

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