Common sense of Fedar sublimation printer

March 18, 2021

Nowadays, Fedar sublimation printers are used more and more, and many customers are prone to malfunctions during use. In fact, paying attention to maintenance of sublimation textile printer can avoid large losses. Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers have summarized some common sens for your reference.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. If canvas roll is relatively large or heavy and does not move during printing output of Fedar sublimation printer, it will affect screen, and horizontal stripes will appear on screen, which will also make canvas walking size non-standard. If this happens, you can open canvas to make cloth evenly distributed, and at same time, pay attention to two paper presses to ensure that paper is normally fed during printout process.


2. Due to printing process of Fedar sublimation printer, printer is sensitive to static electricity, so ground wire should be handled under guidance of installer. When printing, pay attention to connecting ground wire to prevent static electricity from causing unknown printing problems.


3. Pay attention to influence of temperature and humidity in use environment of Fedar sublimation printer, avoid excessively humid or dry environment. Pay attention to surface of Fedar sublimation printer, clean surface of sublimation textile printer in time, remove debris, shredded paper, residual ink, etc.


4.Parameter settings of Fedar sublimation printer contacting computer system cannot be changed arbitrarily, especially settings of online IP address, installation of driver, and addition of Maintop.

Sublimation Textile Printer

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