Color cast of fedar sublimation printer

September 30, 2020

It is a common phenomenon that fedar sublimation printers have color cast during operation. What is reason for this phenomenon? What should uses pay attention to?


How to avoid color cast phenomenon, here are a few simple ways to solve it.
Color Cast of Fedar Sublimation Printer
1.Working environment of fedar sublimation printer

First check whether grounding wire of fedar sublimation printer is normal, and then check whether there are high-power electrical equipment around fedar sublimation printer,strong electromagnetic field will interfere with output image effect. Also, do not place fedar sublimation printer and high-power electrical equipment on the same power supply line.

2. Close unnecessary programs

Try to close unnecessary applications, because too many programs will affect operating speed of fedar sublimation printer, or conflicts, resulting in color cast.


3.RIP software settings of fedar sublimation printer

Maintop software is software we often use. It is best to avoid restarting this software during printing to prevent chaos of transmitted data and ensure stability of transmission. Furthermore, adjust communication settings in the RIP software, namely "Edit">"Settings">"Output Device">"Settings">"Communications", and then adjust value of "Notselected" to "120". If time is tight, you can select "Send now" to generate job file first and then print it. Or select "Waiting" in task queue and wait for  computer to perform RIP processing before sending.

Fedar Sublimation Printer