Cold transfer printing printing technology innovation and characteristics analysis

July 01, 2021

Printing on fabrics is not uncommon. T-shirt printing that young people love to wear is one of them, but it is not the same as cold transfer printing technology.


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Traditional flat screen printing may easily cause pattern distortion due to low transfer rate, or use banned textile materials such as low-toxic benzene and ketone solvents to transfer on fabric film. Manufacturers generally have high energy consumption and low resource utilization. Serious sewage discharge and other problems.

The cold transfer printing technology can realize the digital printing color of the printing effect, realize the green environmental protection of dye printing, and print on clothing fabrics like computer inkjet printing.

Digital Printing Machine

The cold transfer printing technology adopts new printing and dyeing technology and environmentally friendly dyes, and the product has high color fastness, and the fastness to washing, sunlight, dry and wet wiping is higher than that of traditional printing.


Compared with traditional printing, cold transfer printing technology has seven distinctive features:


1.Quick response-use cold transfer printing optimization technology to simplify the complex process of traditional printing, with cold transfer digital inkjet technology (sample) → cold transfer paper printing technology (print paper) → cold bulk fixation (print cloth) ), which can meet the market's rapid response needs;


2.Improve added value-textile printing effect reaches digital printing color quality;


3.Green and environmental protection-the maximum utilization of printing dyes, the use of fixing and degradable raw and auxiliary materials, the use of this technology and equipment can save 40% of the amount of dyes;


4.Energy saving and low consumption-in line with the optimized technical principle of no residue and no pollution, it can save 2/3 of the water consumption, the recycling rate of discharged water can also reach 90%, and the normal temperature transfer and normal temperature fixation can save 65% of energy;


5.Personnel efficiency ratio-to achieve high printing output per capita with the high output rate of the printing press, which is 3 times higher than the traditional screen printing personnel efficiency ratio;


6.Fabric feel—the printed fabric maintains the good feel of the original natural fiber;


7.Fabric types-suitable for woven fabrics and knitwear, including stretch fabrics.

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