Chinese Year! GUCCI launches Disney's joint digital printing fabric which can be produced by our Fedar Dye Sublimation Printer FD1900/5193/6194/6196

January 16, 2020

The lunar new year of rat is coming, and cartoon stars such as Mickey and Jerry have naturally become citrons. This time GUCCI cooperated with Disney to create a very rich New Year series around Mickey.

Taking advantage of the launch of the Chinese New Year series this time, GUCCI also introduced the new GUCCI PIN limited-time store concept. The first wave of limited-time stores was created with the theme of "Mickey".


One of the most noteworthy is the Mini GG Supreme Mickey printed fabric. Our Fedar dye sublimation printer FD1900/5193/6194/6196 can express the best performance of this material.The design of this fabric is based on a fabric launched by GUCCI in the 1980s. It uses high-definition digital printing technology to restore the pattern and color of the fabric of the year. It is paired with Mickey patterns of different sizes, retro and playful. Comes with a brown leather sign with the logo on both sides.


GUCCI has created a very rich set of items with this fabric, including handbags, shoes, accessories and so on.


In addition, GUCCI also combines many representative elements of the brand with Mickey's patterns, bringing a variety of special patterns, which are presented in the form of prints, jacquard, embroidery on men's and women's clothing such as T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, pants, etc. Ready-to-wear, shoes such as Ace, Rython, scarves, baseball caps, fedoras, knitted hats, scarves and other accessories.

Fedar dye sublimation printer FD1900/5193/6194/6196