Causes of blurred image of Fedar sublimation printer

January 27, 2021

When using Fedar sublimation printer, users sometimes encounter phenomenon of blurred image, which not only affects work efficiency of Fedar sublimation printer, but also causes waste of printing consumables.

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What is reason why pictures printed by Fedar sublimation printer are blurred? Usually, blurring of Fedar sublimation printer is mainly caused by following reasons.


1. Poor quality ink is used. In this case, it is difficult to print a perfect picture even if printed picture is not blurred. Therefore, it is recommended to use ink produced by original manufacturer of Fedar sublimation printer.


2. If there are bubbles in ink tube or ink cartridge, it is easy to cause abnormal printing, so pay attention to more observations, and stop printing immediately if abnormalities are found.


3. Temperature change of working environment is also a common factor that causes blurring of pictures produced by Fedar sublimation printer. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a suitable working environment for Fedar sublimation printer to avoid working environment temperature being too high or too low.


4. Printing of Fedar sublimation printer is blurred due to clogging of print head. At this time, printer head needs to be cleaned.


5.Ink viscosity has changed. Ink viscosity should be adjusted before printing on Fedar sublimation printer.

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