Cause and method of paper feeding motor failure of sublimation printer

July 21, 2020

The epson sublimation printer cannot operate normally if the paper feeder does not rotate. The common faults of the rear paper feed motor include continuous rotation, always non-rotating, incorrect rotation direction, and non-feeding and reverse-receiving phenomena. Below we will analyze the causes and methods of these types of feeder failures.


1.The rear paper feed motor continues to rotate.   

Reason: The rear photoelectric media sensor failed to detect the presence of the printing media.   

①Check whether the print media is used up.
②Check whether the rewinding occurs due to adhesion of the light box cloth.


2.The rear paper feed motor never rotates.   

①The epson sublimation printer’s photoelectric media sensor always senses the presence of objects.
②The function of the photoelectric media sensor is turned off.   

①Check whether there is dirt on the photoelectric sensor head or on the reflector opposite to it.
②Check whether the automatic media feeding function is set to manual (MANUAL), or whether the motor switch is off.


3.The rotation direction of the rear paper feeding motor is not correct, and it does not feed but rewind.   

Reason: Since the printing surfaces of different media may be completely opposite, the rotation direction of the paper feed motor should be changed in time after changing to a printing media with the opposite printing surface.   

Treatment: Press and hold the TAKE-UP button for 3 seconds to enter the "TAKE UP MODE SET" menu, and then modify the direction of rotation (CW or CCW) as needed.

Cause And Method of Paper Feeding Motor Failure