Car stopped suddenly while fedar sublimation printer working

September 18, 2020

When fedar sublimation printer is in use, car stops suddenly. How to solve this problem? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers come to provide you with solutions.

Car Stopped of Fedar Sublimation Printer


Number of prints per line will obviously affect data transmission requirements. The fewer prints, the more data is required. The following factors will affect printing speed.


●Speed of RIP is too slow, leading to insufficient transmission data.
●Number of printing times is too small, and matching with RIP is not appropriate.
● Computer transmission speed is slow.




●Improve speed of RIP, for example, increase computer memory, increase central processing unit, etc. (software RIP only), optimize overall matching performance of PPC, close other programs, and run RIP to load bitmap image files.
● Change number of printing times, generally the best value is "5".
●Choose standard printing cable. Printing cable should not be too long (increased possibility of interfering with code and suspension of Chinese version). Make sure computer printing port is "ECP". Change the port: restart computer and press DEL, enter COMS, enter the INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS function option, set the Parallel port Mode to ECP, and finally press F10 to save and exit.
●Read fedar sublimation printer RIP software manual and confirm: RGB/CMYK mode, rotation, layering/non-layering, masking/unmasking, mirroring/non-mirroring and other settings affect printing speed and printing quality.


☆Note: If computer system is WINDOWSNT, this problem must occur, because the WINDOWSNT printer port is "SPP". Even if computer's BLOS is changed to EPP, actual output is "SPP", it is recommended that system change back to WINDOWS95/98 or WINDOWS2000.

Fedar Sublimation Printer