Can placing a printer solve the problem of clogged nozzles?

July 09, 2020

The so-called clogging of the nozzle is that the printer finds that there is a nozzle missing when inspecting the nozzle. Clogged nozzles is generally caused by gas or impurities entering the print head. Gas plugs are more common.


There are two solutions for clogging: one is to use the cleaning tool driven by the printing machine for cleaning; the other is to manually clean the print head. Generally speaking, the printer head can only be cleaned manually if the printer drive cannot solve the problem, and if the printer is placed for a long time, it will not solve the clogging problem. If the clogging cannot be solved by manually cleaning the print head, and the position of the nozzle missing is fixed, it can basically be concluded that the print head is damaged.


When some nozzles are clogged by gas or impurities, the printer will not print normally, and the nozzle will need to be cleaned. Cleaning the nozzle will waste a certain amount of ink. The ink in a new ink cartridge will be used up after about 20 cleanings.


Not all clogging problems can be solved by cleaning. Sometimes it is necessary to place the rinting machine for a few minutes or tens of minutes to make the print head work properly. The printer must be placed in the following situations:


1.A large amount of gas enters the print head: If a large number of blanks appear during printing, it indicates that the printer has entered a large amount of gas. When the fault is eliminated, such as replacing a new ink cartridge or solving the sealing problem, it must take some time to place the printer.


2. Manual cleaning of the print head: After manual cleaning of the print head, the print head will inevitably enter a large amount of gas. At this time, it must be placed for a period of time before the print head can work normally. 

Why does the print head work normally after being left for a while? The reason is that during the placement process, the tiny bubbles in the print head will disappear, and the ink will enter the print head due to the surface tension.

Solve The Problem of Clogged Nozzles