Autumn maintenance of fedar sublimation printer

October 08, 2020

How should fedar sublimation printer be maintained in autumn? Now let's take a look at autumn maintenance with Fedar!

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Autumn weather is dry, and it is necessary to reduce or transfer static electricity. If static electricity of fedar sublimation printer is not handled in time, it will not only affect quality of printed picture, but also may cause irreversible damage to print head and electronic components of fedar sublimation printer.

Three coups for anti-static for fedar sublimation printer:


①There will be location of ground wire on fedar sublimation printer, and operation instructions of ground wire, so you need to follow prompts to connect wires of fedar sublimation printer, and introduce static electricity generated by fedar sublimation printer into ground to reduce probability of static electricity damaging printer.


②Choose appropriate printing speed. When fedar sublimation printer is working normally, friction between trolley frame and guide rail, and friction between printing media and pressure roller, etc. will generate static electricity. Among them, the higher the printing speed, the higher the probability of generating a large amount of static electricity, so in the normal operation of fedar sublimation printer, it is not that the faster the better.


③Control humidity of  working environment of fedar sublimation printer. As we all know, the drier the weather, the easier it is to generate static electricity, so maintaining humidity of working environment of fedar sublimation printer is very important. The best working environment humidity of fedar sublimation printer is 35%-65%. It is recommended that you keep working environment humidity of fedar sublimation printer within this range.

2. There is more dust in autumn, and nozzle of fedar sublimation printer is very small. Harm of tiny dust to it cannot be ignored. After fedar sublimation printer is used, remember to cover lid, and nozzle of fedar sublimation printer must be closely attached to capping station to prevent dust from entering and ink drying to block nozzle.

Autumn Maintenance Fedar Sublimation Printer

3.There is a big difference in temperature between day and night in autumn, and inferior ink is prone to precipitation, so it is recommended that you must choose ink with strong weather resistance. It is recommended that you use original ink from manufacturer. This ink is not only weather resistant, but also compatible with fedar sublimation printer, and can maximize best printing effect of fedar sublimation printer.

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