Automatic printing machine features

June 11, 2019

As the clothing market changes, customer needs are increasingly diversified and personalized. Digital direct-injection printing technology as a new printing mode, for different process needs, using different pastes to meet individual needs, pull pulp, Epoxy, color drawing, thermosetting oil, thick plate and other different processes, using direct injection Coloring, drying and fixing, the final product. The digital printing scheme of clothing is completely different from the traditional printing method. Digital direct-printing printing is not limited by color, pattern, etc. The products are printed beautifully, and the printing effect and artistic effect are unmatched by traditional printing.


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Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, fast delivery speed, flexible batching, high printing precision, unlimited printing pattern and color, and simple production process. It overcomes the high pollution, high energy consumption and delivery of traditional printing. The speed is slow, the printing pattern is relatively monotonous, the printing precision is general, and the production process is complicated.

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At this stage, digital direct-injection printing mainly tests the speed and accuracy of printing; digital printing technology can finally face the society under the efforts of digital printing whole solution providers, and now the digital printing machine on the market has the following Features:


1), bright colors, rich gradients, can be printed in multiple colors;

(2), high-precision printing, up to print printing 1440dpi/1080dpi/720dpi/360dpi, close to the photo effect;

(3), the printing pattern can be replaced at will, and the operation is flexible.

(4), using environmentally friendly paint ink, the ink is highly fluent, the color is bright, and the ink supply is stable;