Analysis on the Problem of Nozzle Missing of Printer

April 10, 2020

In the process of using fedar printer to print map patterns, I believe many customers have encountered nozzle missing, which is the most troublesome problem. It not only causes waste of materials, but also may affect the order cannot be completed on time. Therefore, we should understand the reasons for nozzle missing and do a good job of prevention in advance.
Before turning on the printer, you should check whether the ink level of the cartridge is sufficient, check whether the entire ink tube is bent, damaged, or have air (air in the ink tube will interrupt the flow of ink and cause nozzle missing), check the filter in the damper whether impurities is attached and whether there is ink in the damper (if there is no ink or less than one third, you need to guide the ink into the damper).
If there is no problem with the above, you can print the test strip to check whether the test strip is complete.If there is a problem with the test strip, the test strip can be cleaned. If the cleaning effect is not good, the main manifestation is that there are always some nozzle missing during cleaning, which are unstable nozzle missing.The ink absorption effect is not good, and a large number of bubbles instead of ink emerge from the waste ink tube. The above situation requires readjusting the capping station and the position of the cap to achieve a better cleaning effect. If a large number of bubbles appear in the waste ink tube during cleaning, it proves that there is air leakage between the cap and the printhead.
Sometimes insufficient indoor temperature and humidity will also cause some problems with ink output;  too much ink accumulated on the wiper at the ink absorber, too dirty, too wet and deformed cap, and wear waste ink tube will cause streaks in the printed image.       
For the above points, we can analyze according to the actual situation of the machine to find the root cause of nozzle missing, so as to better solve these common nozzle missing situations.

Nozzle Missing of Printer