Analysis of the advantages of ink supply system of printing machine

July 27, 2020

The relationship between the ink supply system of the fabric bag printer and the ink is inseparable. No matter which ink supply method is used, the choice of ink quality is also very important. If there is a problem or mismatch in ink quality, it may cause nozzle blockage, nozzle missing, and nozzle burning. Therefore, what kind of ink is used for what kind of ink supply method, must listen to the printer manufacturer's recommendation or use special ink. The ink supply system of the fabric bag printer on the market generally includes a negative pressure continuous ink supply system, a card gate large ink supply system, a continuous ink supply system, a large capacity ink supply system, and a positive pressure continuous ink supply system.


1.Negative pressure continuous ink supply system: adopts the principle of constant pressure, design a streamlined external large ink cartridge, permanent chip reduces the number of ink cartridge changes, and extends the service life of the printer nozzle.


2.Card gate type large ink supply system: stable ink supply, with the best cost performance.


3.Continuous ink supply system: The biggest advantage of this method is that it keeps inking, and the ink is not cut off during the printing process.


4.Large-capacity ink supply system: The general main ink cartridge has a minimum of 450ml per color, which saves the time and trouble of frequent ink replacement, and is more worry-free and convenient.


5.Positive pressure continuous ink supply: The main application models are UV flatbed printers. Continuous ink supply without ink blocking and continuous ink.

Advantages of Ink Supply System