Advantages of continuous ink supply system for Fedar sublimation printer

March 25, 2021

Continuous ink supply system of Fedar sublimation textile printer is a new ink supply method that has only appeared in field of inkjet printers in recent years. Continuous ink supply system uses an external ink bottle, which is connected to ink cartridge of sublimation textile printer with a tube, so that ink bottle continuously supplies ink to ink cartridge.

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1.The biggest advantage of continuous ink supply system is that it is affordable, and price is much cheaper than original ink. And cost is saved, mainly because continuous ink supply system can replace original consumables by filling ink into ink bottle of sublimation textile printer, and there is no need to repeatedly purchase high-priced original ink cartridges. Printing cost of continuous ink supply system is very low, sometimes even only one twentieth of cost of original consumables can complete printing of a page of documents.


2.Secondly, ink supply is large, and it is convenient to add ink for Fedar sublimation printer. Generally, capacity of one color is 100ml, which is at least 5 times more than original ink cartridge.


3.Quality of continuous ink supply is steadily increasing, and better continuous ink supply will not block print head, and it will be solved if there are disconnected cleaning several times, which provides a strong guarantee for survival and development of continuous ink supply system.

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